Marketing Your Event

The Appeal of An Event

For associations, meetings can be a major source of income. For corporations, meetings can be a huge expense. Either way, the investment and/or return can be critical. This reinforces the importance of successfully marketing an event. No matter what the audience is, professional planners will need to communicate clearly the purpose of the event, the value or what they can expect to receive by attending this event, and the important details about the event.

All of the communications should carry a central, consistent, underlying theme that reinforces the message you want to deliver. In most cases, this is the “appeal of an event”. Some events will provide training to help sales people deliver better solutions to customers, vs. others that will offer training to help sales people make bigger bonuses. Some events may provide networking opportunities to improve cross training within the organization, and still others will provide networking to share best practices. The appeal of an event should be clear in all communications to potential attendees... and clearly targeted to those people.

Incentives, promotional pricing, drawings, special announcements can be used in all marketing efforts. However, they should only enhance marketing efforts and not dominate them. The value and appeal of an event should never be replaced with a freebee, a discount, or a prize.

There are many resources and companies available on the internet to help market a meeting, conference, or convention. Most address the challenges of clearly identifying and communicating the appeal of an event.

Marketing the Destination

The destination of your event has a lot to do with attracting attendees. Attendees may plan extra time before or after your event to visit attractions, they may coordinate special reunions with friends or family around your event, or they may simply indulge in a little self-pampering at a nearby shopping mall or spa.

The destination appeal has a lot to do with attractions, shopping, nightlife, dining, etc. Attendees can also be attracted to a destination because it convenient and easily accessible. Marketing the destination appeal may include highlighting the fun and sizzle of the destination, and/or it may include highlighting the convenience of the location. For these reasons and more, cities like Colorado Springs establish informative websites that provide information that enable attendees to find information on their interests and make plans before they arrive.

The main website created and managed by Experience Colorado Springs, the Convention & Visitors Bureau is This link can be attached to your communications to your attendees well in advance of their arrival to encourage pre-planning for their trip. The website can also answer many other questions that arise in planning a trip to Colorado Springs. Click on "ABOUT COLORADO SPRINGS", for individual links to the most important pages of this website.

Colorado Springs

Marketing The Hotel

You will find all of the tools and resources you need to market the Cheyenne Mountain Resort under the LOGOS & DESCRIPTIONS button, the FLOORPLANS button, and the PHOTO GALLERY button. Feel free to contact the Director of Sales & Marketing at Cheyenne Mountain Resort for more information at (719) 538-4001.


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